The principle of LED display

As we all know, the media material is usually copied into the computer and through the signal cable which connected to the LED sender. There are two kinds of the sender, one is internal and the other is external. For the external sender, you should use an ADC connector to transfer the signal. And for the internal one, you can transport the media file directly. After that, you should open the software which was developed by LED provider and set some parameters of the LED screen. Then you can deliver media files such as videos, pictures, audios to the LED sender. The sender sends the signal to the receiver, then the media will be displayed on the screen.

Linsn Control System

Linsn Cotroller

In LED screen area, Linsn products are very mature. Now major LED screens used their controller. And their control system includes full-color and double-color, internal controller and external controller. All of them are kilo-mega technology, pixel by pixel and unit box by unit box correction, intelligent identification, gray level optional, synchronous, long transmission distance functions and so on. And they also have exited new product which called the eighth generation system. It is not only compatible with the seventh functions, but also add the new function to realize the network control.

LED Studio

LED Studio

Download: LEDStudio_12.00

Manual: LED_Studio_Manual

At the same time, they also provide the LED studio software which matched their screens for free. It could edit different content for several screens and keep separated with each other. It also supports database, word, excel display, and network function, multi-window and multi-task display synchronously.

History verions of LED Studio: LEDStudio_6.36, LEDStudio_7.78, LEDStudio_8.81, LEDStudio_9.14, LEDStudio_9.60, LEDStudio_10.59, LEDStudio_10.73, LEDStudio_11.56, LEDStudio_12.00,



Download: lyrebird.exe

Manual: lyrebird_manual_eng.pdf

This is a common information publishing software, it can help you easily edit and distribute medias to all types of display devices(also for LED screen). It will manager various of devices with the same interface, which will help user edit and playback the media information easily. This system also supports network operation, automatically scheduling, shortcuts control, and external control interface, etc.
The software includes a majority of functions of the LED studio, it not only supports all kinds of media materials, control the display devices remotely, manage all kinds of devices, but also have full visualization edit procedure, auto schedule function, and a security modules to protect the system.


Version: 12.00

Manual: Manual Manual.pdf


Version: 0.22

Manual: Manual lyrebird_manual_eng.pdf